Lavender Reviews

lavender sleep aid

Lavender is one of the oldest remedies for insomnia as its soothing aromas consistently help a person to relax and get the rest that is needed every night.

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Halcion Reviews

halcion reviews

Halcion is an insomnia treatment medication that may be prescribed in order to help you to overcome sleep difficulties such as problems falling asleep.

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Nuvana Shut Eye Reviews

Nuvana Shut Eye Review

Nuvana Shut Eye is an over the counter sleep aid. It was developed to help people who occasionally struggle to get a good night of sleep to overcome that challenge. This can include shift workers, people who travel and suffer from jet lag, or people who simply can’t shut off their minds at night sometimes.

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ZIESTA Natural Sleep Supplement

ZIESTA Natural Sleep Supplement Review

Do you have a lot of trouble falling asleep, and staying asleep, every night? Then you probably wake up feeling exhausted, and you likely also feel foggy throughout the day, in desperate need of a nap.

Over time, your daily life suffers when you are incapable of getting enough hours of good, restful sleep because

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Tylenol PM Reviews

tylenol pm

Tylenol PM can be used to treat the flu, the common cold, or allergies, but is also used as a sleep aid by eliminating nighttime pain and discomfort.

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Melatonin Reviews

melatonin supplement

Though the most common form of melatonin supplement is a tablet, there are other forms, as well, such as oral strips and other formulations.

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Prosom Reviews


Prosom is a treatment for the symptoms of insomnia, such as being able to fall asleep, or being able to stay asleep, but is not a cure for the condition.

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Ambien CR Reviews

Ambien CR 12.5

Ambien CR is a prescription sleep aid that has been approved for use in the United States since 1992. Its generic form is zolpidem tartrate in an extended-release tablet.

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Xanax Reviews

Xanax Sleep Medication

Sleep disorders are not uncommon among individuals suffering from anxiety or depression, and the use of a drug such as Xanax can help the patient to relax so that it becomes easier to fall asleep and stay sleeping.

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Valium Reviews

Valium Reviews

One of the advantages of drugs such as valium is that while it acts as a milder form of some of the much stronger on the market, it actually remains within the body for a much shorter period of time than those more powerful drugs.

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