Rozerem Reviews

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Rozerem, also known as ramelteon in its generic form, is a sedative drug. Another word for sedatives is hypnotics. These medications help to achieve better “sleep-wake cycle” regulation within your body by affecting certain chemicals within your brain and body. This medicine is most commonly prescribed for use as an insomnia treatment for people who struggle to be able to fall asleep. Though sleep aids are known for being habit-forming, this is not the case with this particular medication.

Who Should Take Rozerem?

While Rozerem is recognized as an effective insomnia treatment medication, it is not appropriate for everybody. For example, it should not be used by someone who has an allergy to ramelteon. It should also be avoided by individuals who have severe liver disease, or who are also taking fluvoxamine, which is an antidepressant.

Tell your doctor about any medical condition that you may have so that he or she can judge whether or not Rozerem will be safe and effective for you and, if so, at what dosage. It is especially important that you tell your doctor if you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, a breathing disorder), sleep apnea, liver disease, or a history of mental illness, depression, or thoughts of suicide.

How to Take Rozerem

Take this medication as directed by the prescribing doctor. Make sure that you understand the way it should be taken so that you know that you’re using it for its maximum effectiveness and safety. Typically, it is recommended that Rozerem be taken about a half hour before you wish to fall asleep. Once you’ve taken the pill, you should simply go to bed and avoid any other activities that require you to be alert.

It’s important to make sure that you have a bare minimum of 8 hours to devote specifically to sleep if you take this prescription insomnia medication. Therefore, this is not the type of pill that you should be taking if you wake up in the middle of the night and know you need to get up early in the morning. The medication needs time to wear off, which is what can make it helpful in getting you to sleep and keeping you sleeping throughout the length of the night.

Don’t take Rozerem within three hours of eating a meal that was high in fat, as it will make it more difficult for your body to absorb the drug and will therefore make it less effective.

Take this medication exactly as described on your prescription label. Even if it is different from the way it was prescribed to someone else you know, it’s important to understand that this was the amount that was chosen specifically for you and your unique medical history. If you think your dosage is wrong or you have any questions about how to take this pill safely and effectively, it is very important to speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

What if It’s Not Working?

If you find that there isn’t any improvement in your symptoms of insomnia after having taken Rozerem for a week, speak with your doctor. You may need a different type of treatment, or you may need to undergo a few tests to make sure that the insomnia is not being caused by another physical or mental condition.


If you suspect that you may have overdosed on Rozerem, contact emergency medical assistance right away or call a Poison Hotline. Overdose can be very dangerous and potentially life threatening, so it is important that you take immediate action. The symptoms of an overdose of this drug are not yet known.

6 comments to Rozerem Reviews

  • sw_89

    I have frequent insomnia in addition to waking up a lot in the middle of the night. I used to be on ambien and it really didn’t do much. Now I take Rozerem 8 mg. I have been on it for a week and I am sleeping better then I have in years. The only issue I have with it is I feel a little drowsy the next morning when I wake up, but it seems to go away once I get up and going with my day. I have to say it is working for me.

  • shane dent

    I don’t find that I sleep right through the night with Rozerem. If I take it at 11 pm I am awake by 3 and then I cannot get back to sleep. Sorry but not my first choice of sleeping pill.

  • reid

    I find that generally Rozerem works really well for me but sometimes my insomnia is so bad that is does nothing. So for those REALLY bad times I would not reccommend it.

  • kayden

    I have been going to bed at 9 in hopes that I would be able to fall asleep by midnight. I have major trouble falling asleep and last night I tried Rozerem which did put me to sleep but during the day I felt very fatigued, tired and dizzy. Don’t think I will be taking that one again. Unless anyone knows how to compensate for these side effects? Or will it go away after a few days?

  • laine

    Other then the fact that this pill took about 2 weeks to kick in, I really don’t have anything negative to say about it. It does not make me hallucinate (was a problem with ambien) nor does it make me gain weight or make me too tired/sleep too much. I am getting a good 7 or so hrs per night regularly. Good stuff!

  • Courtnay

    I find this works really well if you have at least 8hrs to sleep. If you have to be up and alert any sooner then that, you will feel drowsy.

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