Valerian Reviews

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Valerian is a form of root that has been used as an herbal supplement for a number of different reasons over hundreds of years, but that is most commonly used in the Western world today as a sleep aid.

Other Names for Valerian

It is also known as radix valerianae, valerianan officinalis, as well as red, Belgian, common, fragrant, or garden valerian. Some also refer to it as amantilla, setewale, setwall, all-heal, heliotrope, capon’s tail, and vandal root.

How is this Ingredient Used?

It functions well to help to soothe the body and mind, easing anxiety, mental strain, restlessness, lack of focus, stress, excitability, pain, discomfort, emotional distress, menstrual symptoms, menopause, and other tension creating issues that can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Precautions Before Using Valerian in Sleep Supplements or for Other Purposes

It’s important to speak with your doctor before taking valerian, as it may cause conflicts or need dosage adjustments based on certain other drugs that you may be taking or medical conditions that you have. Because this herb can cause dizziness or drowsiness, it is important that you take it only when you are ready for bed and have the full night to sleep before you will need to focus on an activity such as work, driving, operating machinery, or taking part in other forms of potentially hazardous activities. All of these should be avoided until you are very familiar with your body’s reaction to this herb.

Your doctor may recommend that you not take valerian if you are already taking anxiety or sleep medications, antidepressants, pain medicines, muscle relaxants, or other substances that result in a drowsiness effect. These may cause increased dizziness or drowsiness effects from the herb.

The effects of valerian on an unborn child or on a baby that is being breast fed are not known, so it is recommended that pregnant women and nursing mothers avoid the use of this herb. As of yet, this herb has not been studied in terms of its use by children, therefore it should not be given to a child unless it is recommended by a pediatrician.

What Kinds of Supplement Formats Are Available?

There are many different ways that it can be taken, though as a sleep remedy it is typically administered in the form of a pill. That said there are tinctures, standardized extracts, and solid formulations commonly available. It may also be used in a tea or as a bath additive. It is important to check with a doctor before using it in a bath, and to carefully go over the body for any cuts or scrapes, as this can cause serious problems such as infections and other unwanted health conditions.

The way you take valerian depends on the sleep supplements you like and the type of assistance you need in falling asleep at night.  While some people like to use this ingredient all on its own, others find that they enjoy a greater benefit when it is combined with other substances that can round out the benefits from using a sleep aid.

It’s important to know that the advantages of using valerian as a part of a formula are beneficial for certain types of sleeplessness, but not all.  If you are suffering from insomnia due to drinking too many stimulants right before bedtime, it may not help you until those stimulants start to wear off.  Moreover, if you can’t sleep because of pain or from medication side effects, for instance, then the benefits of this ingredient might not be enough to make you restful for sleeping.

However, if you have an overactive mind at night, such as from racing thoughts or worrying, then this ingredient may help to relax you enough to become restful to fall asleep.

5 comments to Valerian Reviews

  • connie young

    My experience with Valerian is that it helped me fall asleep fairly well the first night but by the third/fourth night I just felt drowsy all the time even during the day when I wasn’t taking it. Also it seems to be a bit of water pill because it had me getting up several times throughout the night to pee.

  • esmee

    I took valerian root to help take the edge off my nerves but instead it gave me diarrhea, my blood pressure went up and my anxiety got worse. Everyone reacts a bit differently with herbs, so use with caution. Do your research thoroughly first and then decide if you think this is the right thing for you.

  • George

    I could not get past the taste and the smell of valerian root and I tried a few different versions. It didn’t really do much for my insomnia either. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • jkroker

    If you are looking for something to help with anxiety or stress, then this won’t do much. I have used it though as a sleep aid and find it only really works when used in conjunction with other herbs and/or meds. By it’s self though don’t expect much.

  • young stansbury

    l use for sleep, it worked. anyway when l cross country drive for 10 hour or more that l can,t fall sleep. so i took every night take 3 of them. by the way, my heart pain is gone.before l had one sip of decaffin coffee make me pain in heart some time. l didn,t notice even for a while. inlike attack, when l get heart pain stay and go away it,s own. about month when l travel after that no more pain. for a few years and than come back, it,s stay very shory and go away.
    belive me ! ! ! l dring coffee every moring that time.sorry my english.

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