RestoreZ Stay Asleep Reviews

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RestoreZ Stay Asleep is a non-prescription sleep aid that claims to help its users to stay sleeping throughout the night.  The marketing on the brand’s official website indicates that these pills are specifically helpful to people who can get to sleep, but who wake in the night and struggle to fall asleep again.  The site also claims that this product is right for individuals who don’t seem to benefit from “traditional sleep aids”, though they don’t define the difference between their own product and what a more traditional supplement might be.

How Does RestoreZ Stay Asleep Work?

The product claims to work in a way that is specific to helping people remain sleeping at night.  RestoreZ Stay Asleep claims to be less about falling asleep and more about staying that way once you’re out. The promise is that once you’re sleeping, the ingredients in this natural formula will provide support in transitioning from slow-wave (light) sleep into REM sleep.

The site also claims that RestoreZ Stay Asleep will provide support in overcoming lost sleep due to high stress levels.  According to the claims on the site, it is developed to get past high cortisol (stress hormone) levels, too.  It doesn’t explain precisely how, stating only that when an individual makes certain that they receive the right nutrients, sleep patterns and circadian rhythms can return to normal.  It does not cite any research to support this rather unique claim, nor does it explain whether the pill is supposed to provide these unidentified nutrients.

What Are the Claims?

The manufacturer of RestoreZ Stay Asleep claim that it will help to:

  • Restore a user’s ability to remain sleeping
  • Experience sleep that is more restful
  • Provide all-natural ingredients

It has a money-back guarantee to support its claims that the individual will experience a better sleep by using this product.

Though the ingredients are identified on the product label, the site frustratingly describes the ingredients in this product as being a combination of “herbs, roots and other plant-based elements”, without discussing those substances individually or citing any studies conducted on them for effectiveness or safety. To that end, while they do claim to be backed by research, in fact, they claim to be “Created as a result of Nobel Prize winning research”, no research, studies, or links to Nobel Prizes are offered or identified on the website.  These are substantial claims to make without then bothering to identify the science backing the words.

Reputable companies that have solid research to support the use of their products will properly cite the research to support their claims and will even link to that research to make it easier for consumers to have a look for themselves.  If the claims about RestoreZ Stay Asleep are true, the manufacturer hasn’t made it easy to trust them.

Not the Best Sleep Aid for 2021

For these reasons, RestoreZ Stay Asleep simply cannot be considered the best sleep aid in 2021. Claims must be much clearer and transparent for today’s consumer.

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