Placidyl Reviews

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Placidyl is a brand name version of the prescription insomnia treatment drug known as ethchlorvynol. It is in a drug class known as nonbarbiturate hypnotics and comes in the form of a liquid filled capsule. Though it was once quite a popular treatment for sleeplessness, it has typically been replaced by other, newer forms of sleep aid medications.

Placidyl Benefits

The benefits of this medication are effective but very short-term. Typically speaking, if Placidyl is used every day in order to achieve sleep, its efficacy will not continue any longer than a week. As a result, it is easy to see why other medications have become far more popularly prescribed for insomnia treatment.

Still, Placidyl can continue to help people when a sleep aid with melatonin isn’t the right strategy to help them get the rest they need at night. This prescription drug may not be recommended nearly as much as it once was due to superior alternatives, but there are times when it is deemed appropriate, particularly when the benefits are required for only a very short period of time.

How to Take Placidyl

It is very important to take Placidyl precisely according to the prescribing doctor’s directions in order to safely obtain the best benefits while reducing the risk of side effects and other unwanted outcomes.  Typically speaking, an adult dose will be between 500 to 1000 milligrams, taken orally at bedtime.  That said, the precise amount will be determined by the prescribing doctor based on a number of factors unique to the patient. A certain length of time is required between doses.

Cautions Before Using This Insomnia Medication

There are several factors that your doctor will take into consideration before prescribing Placidyl. For example:

  • Allergies – Your doctor should be advised if you have every had a reaction to this medication or to any other types of drugs. You should also inform your doctor of any non-drug allergies such as to animals, dyes, foods, or preservatives.
  • Age – Placidyl is not intended for use by children. Studies have only been performed on adult patients, making it inappropriate for use by any other age group. Furthermore, elderly individuals have been shown to react quite strongly to this drug, including both the desired effects and the unwanted side effects.
  • Pregnancy – This drug is in the pregnancy category C, which means that it should not be used by pregnant women because it has either been shown to be dangerous or there is inadequate proof that they are safe.
  • Breast feeding – Placidyl should not be used by breastfeeding women as there is insufficient research to indicate that it is safe for the child.
  • Drug interactions – before taking Placidyl, tell your doctor about any prescription, non-prescription, herbal, or other medications or remedies that you may be taking or that you intend to take during the time that you will be using Placidyl. This will help to avoid interactions that could be potentially dangerous. This drug can create conflicts with a long list of other medications, so great care should be taken.
  • Food and beverage interactions – Discuss food, beverage, and tobacco interactions with your doctor to make certain that you understand what will and will not be safe throughout the use of Placidyl. For example, it is usually recommended that alcohol be avoided, as it can significantly intensify the side effects.
  • Medical history – Before using Placidyl, tell your doctor about any medical conditions that you may have as this may lead him or her to recommend a different treatment or dosage. This is especially important among individuals with a history of drug or alcohol abuse, liver disease, kidney disease, porphyria, or depression.

4 comments to Placidyl Reviews

  • A_rocha_76

    After years of insomia this finally has made my body feel at ease and helped me sleep! It only took a short time to get me to sleep but make sure you take it early enough at night because it does make you feel drowsy the next day if you have to get up too early. As with any drug use caution but I’m telling you it could be the answer you are looking for to cure those sleepless nights 🙂 I do reccommend.

    • Ray Sparks

      placidyl is the most effective sleep medication I ever had (when I am desperate for sleep). The diminishing effects of inadequate sleep is affecting all areas of my life, and I cannot get this medicine in the USA. Can I get it legally anywhere else? The UK, as I will soon travel there?? Thanks!

  • arthur

    Often abused, but one of the most effective sleep medications ever made. Not for everyday use, as it loses its effectivness, Took once or twice a week when I had shift changes on my job. 12-8….8-4….4-12. I was asleep within 15 min.

  • Woody combs

    where can I purchase placidyl I live in michigan

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