Restoril Reviews

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Restoril is a drug that is often prescribed in order to help treat the symptoms of insomnia. It is also known in its generic form as temazepam. It has an impact on chemicals within the brain that can become unbalanced and result in the sleep struggles such as problems with falling asleep or remaining asleep. It is a type of drug that is recognized as a benzodiazepine.

How to Use Restoril

Taking Restoril is easy, but you should pay close attention to the directions that were provided by your doctor, and which are printed out on your prescription label to remind you at each use. If you don’t understand what the instructions you have received, ask your pharmacist or your doctor to clarify them so that you know that you will be taking this medication properly.

Take Restoril at bedtime when you have enough time to get a full night’s sleep. Don’t take this drug if you don’t have several hours in which to rest before you will need to be awake, think in clearly, and reacting well. Take the pill right before you’re ready to go to bed, as many people fall asleep very quickly after having taken it. If you find that the drug is not effective for you, or if it loses its efficacy over time, alert your doctor.

Not a Long-Term Solution

This medication is only meant as a short-term treatment for insomnia and should not be continued over a long period of time. If you have already used this drug for a week to ten days, contact your doctor before continuing it any further. This is because it can be habit forming and you may experience unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal if you stop using it. If you have been using Restoril for a length of time, it is recommended that you discuss gradually reducing its use over time instead of stopping it altogether. This will help you to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Restoril is only a cure for the symptoms of insomnia and is not a cure for the condition. Therefore, when you stop using it, you may find that the symptoms will return.

Restoril is a drug that is designed to be used as needed as opposed to being used on a dosing schedule. For this reason, you will use it only when you have enough time to be asleep for several hours and do not need to worry about any missed doses.

Should You Use a Non-Prescription Nighttime Sleep Aid Instead of Restoril?

If you are headed to your doctor for the purpose of discussing your sleep struggles, you may assume that you will receive a prescription for Restoril.  You could be right.  However, if you have never used a prescription insomnia pill before, you may find that your doctor will hesitate to recommend that right away.  If your sleep struggles are relatively mild, are not caused by pain, and are occasional as opposed to being chronic, a prescription may do you more harm than good.

In those cases, you may want to talk about a non-prescription nighttime sleep aid instead.

If this is the case, talk about the types of sleeping struggle you’re facing to help determine what your sleep supplement should do for you.  Many people find that a mild dose of melatonin, combined with ingredients such as valerian, hops, and even magnesium can help to slow down an overactive mind at night to make it easier to unwind in the evening and be restful at bedtime.  If this type of supplement is enough for you, it is typically considered to be preferable to a prescription drug, which can come with the risk of severe side effects, addiction, or even just grogginess for several hours into the morning.

2 comments to Restoril Reviews

  • kat

    I find this medication even helps with my anxiety in addition to helping me fall asleep. I think it’s even helping with my depression. Must be because I am getting more sleep and it has an overall relaxing effect.

  • paws4life

    This works well but it leaves you with a bit of a hangover. I prefer ambien but since I started doing things at night and then having no recollection of doing them in the morning I switched to restoril.

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