How to Choose the Best Sleep Medications and Supplements

Best Sleep Medications Reviews

Hunting down the best sleep medications and non-prescription supplements has become an increasingly common practice.  After all, many people struggle with sleep problems and sleep disorders, such as insomnia. These difficulties keep them from living a good quality of life since they have to struggle to overcome chronic fatigue and health issues related to poor sleep.

The Best Sleep Medications and Supplements Depend on Your Needs

There are two categories of pills you can choose to help you to sleep at night, the best sleep medications with a prescription and the top non-prescription supplements. The most common prescription sleep medications are considered to be Ambien, Lunesta and Prosom. However, taking these types of pills isn’t appropriate for everyone.  They can pose certain health risks, such as addiction and side effects. Therefore, non-prescription supplements are often considered to be a more appealing alternative, when appropriate.

ZIESTA, for instance, is one of the best non-prescription supplements for a restful sleep.

ZIESTA is often taken as an alternative to the best sleep medications because it contains clinically researched ingredients and prescriptions aren’t meant for everyone. Each of the ingredients in this formula has undergone study published in peer-reviewed journals.  The formula was developed to help relax both the body and mind. This can help you to feel more restful and therefore fall asleep more easily and remain sleeping without feeling groggy when you wake up in the morning.

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How to Choose the Best Sleep Medications and Supplements

Even the smallest amount of research will show you that there is a very long list of drugs and supplements available to help people suffering from sleeplessness.  This can make it feel difficult to narrow down your choices and understand which one is right for you.  If you’re not sure if you should be using the best sleep medications or non-prescription supplements, or which sleeping aid is right for you, a talk with your doctor is recommended.

By talking to your doctor, you will be able to work together to discuss your current mental and physical health, any existing conditions, and you can try to determine what is causing your sleeplessness so that you can then come up with the best sleep medications for your use. The reason that this is so important is that all drugs that are formulated to help you to fall asleep are merely a treatment for the symptom of insomnia. The cause of your lack of ability to sleep will still remain unless it has been identified and treated.

If your mind just won’t shut off and you’re looking to achieve an improved feeling of restfulness at night, an over-the-counter sleep aid like ZIESTA may be exactly what you need and a prescription might not be required.

Drawbacks of Prescriptions

As you weigh the pros and cons to choose the best sleep medications, you will likely discover that these pills aren’t without their serious downsides. It is true that they can make a serious difference in your ability to get some rest, and that is very important to remaining healthy and being able to think clearly. However, because the condition causing insomnia cannot be cured with any of these drugs, and they can come with some serious side effects, you will need to balance the good against the bad.

For example, almost every kind of sleeping drug, even the best sleep medications, can form a dependency. That said, it doesn’t take very long for that dependency to form, so it can become a problem extremely quickly. For this reason, most of these drugs are not prescribed for use any longer than 8 to 12 days, and even then, the odds are that the doctor might advise you not to suddenly stop their use, but to gradually decrease the use in a specific way in order to decrease the chance of withdrawal symptoms.

When you understand that what you are seeking is a temporary solution to help you through a short time of sleeplessness, and not a miracle cure, you will be much better prepared to discover which option is best suited to you.

10 comments to How to Choose the Best Sleep Medications and Supplements

  • Urila

    I have insomnia from meds I must take. The side effect of Levoxyl (thyroid) and one for barrets esophagus. I was on Lunesta and Ambien for years. I want to get off them so very much as I understand the effects on my body and mind. I need something natural as I will have to take it all the time for sleep. But I want a legit one not just one advertised that may not work. I would like reviews on what people have taken that works. One you can take very night. I hope you can understand my situation and have some answers. thank you Urila

    • Ellen Paige

      Urila – I read your post and wanted to respond. I take somnaprin for my insomnia. I chose it over ambien and lunesta because it is just as effective as they are but comparively the side effects are next to nothing. Ideally, I will not have to take these pills forever. I know taking any kind of medication can take a toll on the body. I can’t say that they are all natural or anything like that, but I can say that they are safer to take then your over the counter versions because you will not have those severe side effects. If you want to try something natural, perhaps natural melatonin might be an option??

  • sw_89

    Ambien and Lunesta- I have tried them both and because of the crazy side effects I switched to Somnaprin and I don’t have ANY of those side effects anymore. No more bad taste in your mouth, no more sleep walking and no more “hung over” feeling. I would recommend Somnaprin over those two any day.

  • Jess

    I too am a Somnaprin fan. I used to take Ambien but had too many espisodes of amnesia. My mom said I would call her up at night and talk jibberish among other things. I don’t have any side effects with Somnaprin. It works great.

  • paula

    Does Somnaprin stop working if you take it every night? I have to know it, because I just ordered it and that’s what happened with all other
    sleep meds and aids, when I was taking them even 2-3 times a week.

  • paula

    Do you take one or two Somnaprins?

  • Cathy Howell

    Want to order midnite for menopause

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