How to Choose Safe Sleep Aids

Natural Sleep AidsIt isn’t hard to discover that there are a tremendous number of insomnia remedies on the market today, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find a product that claims to be the cure for this problem. What is more challenging, however, is trying to find safe sleep aids that will live up to their promises without putting your health at risk. Achieving an unbroken, restful sleep is extremely important, but for all too many of us, it’s easier said than done. Insomnia can make it extremely difficult to maintain focus, keep a clear mind, and keep up productivity levels throughout the day.

Though doctors may prescribe medications to help to solve this problem, many people find that they are not the safe sleep aids that they desire. Prescription drugs of this nature often come along with a long list of powerful side effects and can cause dependencies and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Instead, many individuals are beginning to opt for natural remedies as a first effort to choose safe sleep aids. Indeed, they may eventually go the prescription route if an extremely strong solution is required, but getting started with these more natural options can often give just enough of an advantage to make proper sleep possible.

One of the simplest and oldest forms of safe sleep aids was commonly used among people in Europe, and made its way into the history books by being the solution given to King George III by his physician in 1787. The King had suffered from terrible insomnia and swore by the remedy his doctor prescribed, which was hops. Hops is best known for being an ingredient in beer, but on its own, adding some hops to a small muslin bag and attaching it to your pillow at night can help to soothe your body and bring about a feeling of drowsiness. You don’t need to consume anything, the proximity to the hops is all that is required.

Another form of natural remedy to promote better sleep comes in the form of a tea made up of equal parts peppermint, skullcap, and catnip. One to two teaspoons of these herbs should be mixed into a cup of boiling water and allowed to steep until the water is lukewarm. The herbs should then be strained from the drink and consumed warm just before going to bed. This soothes anxiety and excitability and helps to ease restlessness and tension. It can also help to reduce certain pains such as headaches, which can make sleeping more difficult.

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