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Zanaprin is an anti-anxiety support supplement that is commonly used by people who are seeking help in relaxing their minds from anxious or panicky thoughts.  These thoughts can often keep them awake at night.  This is particularly problematic after having an anxious or panicky day.  Moreover, anxiety disorders and panic disorders tend to worsen when the individual hasn’t had enough sleep.

What is Zanaprin?

Though Zanaprin is best known as an anti-anxiety supplement, it is also sometimes recommended as an extremely helpful sleep aid, as well. This is because the nature of this supplement makes it not only helpful for supporting people in overcoming symptoms from feelings such as anxiety, but it can also help to relax the mind in order to help overcome sleeplessness resulting from overactive and spinning thoughts at night.

For people who are unable to sleep because their anxious or stressed minds cannot shut off at night, relaxing those symptoms can often be enough to create a restful body and mind that is far more prepared for sleep.

Why Do People Use Zanaprin for Sleep Support?

The reason that many people actually choose Zanaprin to help with their sleeplessness is that they consider it to be a helpful supplement to ease the symptoms keeping them awake when they are not ready to try prescription sleep aids because those drugs are not appropriate for their needs.

Many people are hesitant to try strong sleeping drugs which are notorious for their unpleasant side effects, strong and lasting sedative effects, and their risk of withdrawal symptoms when their use is ceased. Doctors will often encourage people to try other milder strategies to get better sleep at night – such as a healthy regular bedtime routine – before writing a prescription due to the serious nature of those drugs.

Why Would an Anti-Anxiety Supplement Relieve Sleeplessness?

As an over-the-counter supplement, many people look to this well recognized and popular anti-anxiety supplement to help them to overcome the specific issues keeping them awake while avoiding the need for the types of side effects and risks associated with prescription drugs.

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That said, though Zanaprin may be an over-the-counter pill, it is also very powerful and can provide relief for anxiety symptoms as well as the occasional bout of insomnia. Zanaprin’s quality formula of Phenibut, L-Theanine, Aminobutyric Acid and Taurine provides a calming effect, supporting mental clarity and mood support.

These benefits are not only conducive to easing anxiety, but also to achieving a good night’s sleep – especially when the occasional insomnia is being caused by stress or anxiety. Moreover, by achieving a better night’s rest, many people find that their anxiety and stress levels begin to drop and that as a result, their sleeplessness naturally eases.

Easing Stress Symptoms

Many users of Zanaprin find that by taking this medication, they can also reduce some of the other discomforts that they feel from the stress in their lives, such as dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, diarrhea, foggy braid, an a loss of libido. These issues can also contribute to a lack of sleep and therefore, when they subside, so will the sleeplessness.

That said, it is important to recognize that Zanaprin is not for everyone. Before choosing this supplement, or any other option for overcoming stress or anxiety symptoms or helping you to sleep, it is very important to speak with your doctor.

Remember also that this product is not meant to treat sleeplessness caused by pain, drug side effects or many other insomnia causes.  It relaxes the mind, making it easier to become restful.  If your insomnia is chronic or caused by something other than an anxious or overactive mind, this likely isn’t the sleep aid for you.

Understanding this will help to make sure that you are not only choosing the right strength of supplement or medication to help your needs. When unsure, always discuss your concerns with your doctor.  Don’t forget to bring up any existing medical conditions, medications you’re using, or even supplements you are taking. This will help your doctor to guide you toward the right choice – Zanaprin or otherwise – that will suit your needs while avoiding interactions with other medical conditions, pills, medicines or other products. Remember that even nutritional supplements will interact with some medications, so it is highly recommended that you speak thoroughly with your doctor or pharmacist before making your final decision.

18 comments to Zanaprin Reviews

  • Zanaprin

    Nice Post….This product has no side effects and calms me down like no other product ever has…even prescription products. It’s well worth it from my point of view.

  • Ryan Jennings

    Zanaprin is typically used for stress and anxiety, but I use it at night to help me fall asleep. It calms you right down, takes away the stress of the day so you can just “rest.”

  • dawnC

    I have really bad anxiety- used to be on xanax. Looking for something similar. Will this help with panic attacks?

    • terry

      Yes this is made to help with anxiety issues such as panic attacks. Zanaprin is the strongest non rx alternative to prescription meds such as xanax. A lot of people actually come off of xanax and switch to zanaprin.

      • dawnC

        Thanks for the response. Is zanaprin quite habit forming? I am worried about getting addicted to it. Also what is the dosage? Do you have to take it all the time or just when you feel an attack coming on?

        • terry

          No not habit forming. I have been taking it off and on for over a year and can stop at any time.

          • Sam

            Hi I am 15 and I suffer from anxiety and you say that you have been taking product for over a year is there any side effects for long time use or anything like that?

    • terry

      Yes it will help with panic attacks. That’s what it is for and it helps you relax/get rest when you are really stressed out.

  • Natalie

    I also sometimes use zanaprin as a sleep aid. I like that I can stop taking it anytime without withdrawals and don’t feel drowsy after I wake up.

  • CaseyV

    This works great at night when your mind is racing and you are tossing and turning and can’t sleep. It lets your body and mind relax so that sleep comes easy.

  • maike

    I won’t take lunesta or ambien because I am afraid if I have to wake up suddenly in the night for my 2 year old that I won’t be able to. I use zanaprin as a relaxer before bed and it works very well.

  • sweetskeet

    Just wondering if this really works… I have anxiety…. I need relief but am afraid to take meds…Is this safe? and how do we know?

    • leanne

      @ sweetskeet
      Yes it really works for both anxiety and as a sleep aid. It calms you down and helps clear your head. Your problems seem a lot smaller, you only take it as needed and it’s totally not addictive. I know because I take it. I have taken ativan as well in the past and the side effects with zanaprin are way less i.e. you feel the most “normal” with zanaprin for sure.

    • kristin

      Yep it works great and you won’t feel drowsy the next day either!

  • sin_86_71

    Zanaprin has been working for me for the past 2 months for my insomnia. I take a stronger dose at night and it gets me to sleep every time with no hangover the next day. Sometimes I wake up once throughout the night, but I have a cup of tea and then I usually fall back asleep. This usually gets me about 6-7 hrs of sleep which is pretty good for me. Then I take a smaller dose in the morning to help with my anxiety for the day.

  • maria

    I used this on an over seas flight and I actually slept on the plane! Now I will never fly without it. Great stuff.

  • dream in gold

    used to take ativan for an anti anxiety/sleep-aid but that is a very powerful drug and I was getting addicted to it. I switched to zanaprin and since doing that I feel much more like my normal self and I only take when I need to i.e. right before bed time or right before I get on a plane. I think it’s a great alternative to ativan or xanax and I would recommend it before trying those other two.

  • Linda C.

    I am taking both zoloft and ambient. Does anyone think zanaprin could replace both?

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