Insomnia Ear Seed Kit Reviews

Insomnia Ear Seed Kit reviews

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The Insomnia Ear Seed Kit is one of a number of condition specific ear kits made and sold by a company called That company sells ear seeds for conditions ranging from back pain to fertility, depression, headache, vision, menopause and even weight loss. This specific product is meant to be used as a nonprescription sleep aid. It is designed to help people to overcome insomnia and obtain the rest they need at night.

The Insomnia Ear Seed Kit includes the ear seeds themselves as well as the tweezers used to place them and an insomnia point chart so the user will know where they go. The product is based on the use of auriculotherapy – also known as ear acupressure. The chart guides the user to the right points that are supposed to be connected with the rest of the body when it comes to sleeping at night.

The seeds are essentially little beads with an adhesive side so they can be pressed into place on the ear in certain designated spots. This is meant to access certain pressure points located on and in the outer ear. The plain black ones are sold on the official website for $18.99 at the time of the writing of this review. That kit includes 120 ear seeds, which the website predicts will last for 4 to 6 weeks. That price is comparable to many types of daily-use sleep supplements that are sold over the counter.

That said, as this is a visible form of treatment, it also offers an upgrade product that will help to make the look of the natural therapy more visually appealing. That said, the cost of those ear seeds is considerably higher. The upgraded product consists of either clear Swarovski pellets or chakra colored Swarovski pellets. These kits come with half as many pellets as the standard, at only 60 per kit. Moreover, the price of the clear pellets is $44 and the price of the colored ones is $52.00.

The seeds themselves are from the Vaccaria plant. They are applied with a tiny piece of adhesive tape. It is for this reason that the tweezers are handy as they make it possible to keep more control over where the seeds are applied. The seeds are placed over specific acupressure points. The shape of the seeds and the mild pressure from the adhesive tape stimulates the various points of the ear. The feeling is essentially imperceptible to the wearer, but is meant to stimulate various points of the body that could be responsible for the sleep struggles. In this way, the sleep problems can be eased so the user can rest.

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