Sense Sleep System Reviews

Sense Sleep System review

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The Sense Sleep System is a form of technology that is meant to help you to gain control over your ability to sleep restfully. It includes several different features from helping to encourage your body to sleep to allowing you to track the effectiveness of your efforts and the impact of your surroundings on your sleep.

For instance, the system plays ambient sounds to help to encourage a sense of peacefulness that will help a user to drift off. Not only is there a selection of sounds so the user can choose the one that is the most calming to him or her, but it can also help to mask noises that would otherwise be disruptive during the night.

The next component of the system is a sleep monitor. Essentially, it is a type of sleep tracker that monitors a number of factors in your room to allow you to learn about what is affecting your sleep. In this way, you can make educated choices with regards to how you can improve your own sleep.

The next benefit is that the system has a smart alarm built right into it. It is designed to be based on the time you have set to get up. It will wake you up during the time when you are within your lightest sleep so that you will be awake, refreshed and not groggy in the morning.

The main device, called the Sense, plugs into a wall so that a battery never needs to be recharged. That said, it also comes with an accessory device called the Sleep Pill. It is not, in reality, a tablet or capsule. Instead, it is a small gadget that allows the user to track his or her own sleeping habits. It syncs with the Sense and provides data that makes it possible to see the impact of sounds, light levels, temperature, air quality, humidity and other factors directly impact your sleep quality.

That information is provided to iOS and Android based devices. Therefore, anyone with an Android based smartphone or tablet operating on Jelly Bean 4.3 or later, or an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad operating on iOS 7 or later.

In this way, the feedback can be used to design the perfect sleeping conditions to achieve more consistently restful sleep that will lead to feeling far more refreshed and energized in the morning and throughout the day.

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