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REMfresh is an over the counter sleep aid made for the purpose of helping people who struggle with the occasional bout of mild to moderate insomnia. This product markets itself as being a “uniquely clinically tested” melatonin product that could assist users in being able to fall asleep more quickly, remain sleeping for a longer period of time and enjoying improved sleep quality.

The product has been designed to provide a gradual melatonin release that replicates the natural rate of release of the body’s own melatonin production. The official website claims that a steady and ongoing release of the hormone is important, since maintaining high melatonin levels throughout the night may help a user to be able to remain asleep throughout the length of the night.

REMfresh is a natural supplement that claims not to lead to drowsiness the morning after taking it. Moreover, the official site also directly states that this pill is not linked with any symptoms of dependence or withdrawal.

The marketing for these pills boast a special trademarked and patented technology called an Ion-Powered Pump. This tech is what makes it possible for the product to deliver a continuous release of melatonin so that it can be steadily absorbed throughout the night. The site states that this patented technology allows the ingredients to continue their release and absorption for a period of as much as 7 hours. For many people, that could be enough to carry them through a full night of rest without interfering with their ability to wake in the morning without feeling groggy.

That said, it’s important to note that melatonin may be helpful for some people but it is not necessarily the solution that all insomnia sufferers require. This ingredient is not a sedative but instead helps a user to be able to reset a bodily sleeping and waking clock that hasn’t been well aligned with his or her actual schedule. For instance, many people look to melatonin when they are struggling with jet lag.

Unfortunately, REMfresh isn’t anything more than a slow release melatonin supplement. Aside from the 5 milligrams of melatonin, all the other ingredients within this product are non-active. This means that they make up the capsule itself but don’t contribute to the benefits.

It’s important to speak with a doctor before starting the use of any supplement containing melatonin. While it is safe for short-term use for many people, it can conflict with certain supplements, medications and medical conditions.

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