Zopiclone Reviews

Zopiclone review

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Zopiclone is a prescription medication that is designed for individuals who are suffering from insomnia that they appear to be unable to overcome on their own. Patients who have suffered from seven consecutive sleepless nights are not just referred to as having sleep struggles, but have actually crossed over into a case of insomnia. Frequently, people who have insomnia have lost their ability to be able to fall asleep naturally and must rely on additional assistance to help them to be able to obtain the rest that they need and to rebuild their waking and sleeping rhythms.

For many people, nonprescription or herbal remedies are enough. For others, however, Zopiclone or other prescription drugs are required. Though natural remedies are often helpful for the occasional night where sleep won’t seem to occur on its own, full insomnia often requires something stronger.

While Zopiclone does have its advantages, there are some drawbacks to taking it, as well. It is important to understand both of these before filling a prescription for this drug and beginning its use.

On one hand, this short term sleeping pill can help to bring on sleep that felt as though it was impossible to achieve, and it could help to maintain sleep once the individual is finally sleeping. It is a powerful sedative drug, known as a hypnotic, and it is strong enough to help a patient to be able to achieve relief from many different sleep disorders such as insomnia. It functions through a calming effect on the Central Nervous System (the brain and the nerves) so that the body can be relaxed into a state of rest.

The fact that it is a powerful hypnotic means that a Zopiclone prescription comes with a range of different potential side effects. Among them are anxiety, clumsiness, changes in mood, shortness of breath, confusion, tightness in the chest, aggression, wheezing, and changes in behavior. It is best if you can take this drug for the first few times when you have someone there to be able to keep an eye on your reactions.

Another drawback of this drug is that once the user stops taking it, he or she could experience what is known as “rebound insomnia”. This occurs when a user finds it hard to sleep on his or her own after having been restful during the use of a medication like Zopiclone. For this reason, it is important that this drug be used only on a very short term basis, as it is best to avoid building a tolerance to the medication and risk abuse.

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