Wild Thera Goodnight Balm Reviews

Wild Thera Goodnight Balm review

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The Wild Thera Goodnight Balm is a topical product designed with herbs that have been used around the globe for centuries for the purpose of supporting restful sleep. This is only one of several balm products produced under the Wild Thera brand. Others include those for skin issues, stress, aches and pains, respiration and more.

This product is made of ingredients such as: Organic Chamomile, Organic Clary Sage, Valerian, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Lavender. Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest purity and Beeswax. That said, the website description and the sales page on third party sites such as Amazon are not clear as to whether those are full ingredients lists or only partial lists. These pages refer to “safe ingredients like” the aforementioned list. This does not make it clear whether or not the list is a complete one.

That can be problematic for customers who are seeking to inform themselves about the formula either to know how it may work or to understand whether or not it is appropriate for them. When companies aren’t clear about their ingredients lists, it makes it difficult to confirm whether or not a known allergen may be included among the substances that make it up. It can also be problematic for people who are trying to find out if the product will conflict with something else they are using or taking.

That said, many of the ingredients in this formula are often seen in the nonprescription sleep aid category. That said, they’re more often seen in products that are taken orally than those applied topically. Still, the chamomile and lavender in this product are known to be aromatherapeutic for many people. Their natural scents can frequently lead to a calming effect which can help to relax a user and prepare them for a restful sleep.

Overall, this product may have the potential of providing soothing effects for someone who is trying to relax before bedtime. That said, it does not contain any ingredients that would help someone to sleep if they are suffering from insomnia for a variety of reasons such as anxiety disorders and depression, pain, or side effects of certain drugs.

To use this product, the package recommends that people massage it into their temples, forehead, upper lip and nostrils a few minutes ahead of going to bed. This indicates that the scent and aromatherapy effects may indeed be the primary way in which it is designed to function.

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