Trazodone Reviews

Trazodone review

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Trazodone is a prescription drug that is typically prescribed by doctors for patients who are having trouble coping with symptoms of depression. However, beyond its primary use, it is also often prescribed for other purposes, which include the treatment of anxiety, uncontrolled abnormal movements, schizophrenia, and insomnia. It is for that last purpose that this review will be focused.

This drug is a part of a medication class called serotonin modulators. It functions by boosting the brain’s serotonin levels in order to achieve a healthier overall balance. By improving the serotonin levels within the brain, many people experience a reduction of mood issues, anxiety, and other feelings that can make it very difficult to sleep in a restful way, each night. A number of sleep aids – both prescription and over the counter – that are currently available focus on easing the mind, not just the body, so that the individual will be able to fall asleep.

In this case, Trazodone has been determined to be one of the antidepressants that has the greatest sedating qualities. This helps to explain why it is sometimes prescribed to help people overcome their insomnia. Many insomnia patients have reported that they feel relief from the symptoms of sleeplessness when they take this drug, allowing them to obtain the rest that they need, throughout the night. That said, there have also been reports of morning grogginess, which is a common problem in prescription sleep medications.

In order to be able to obtain this medication to help with sleeplessness, it is required that you speak with a doctor. It is not possible to legally purchase this drug without a licensed doctor’s prescription. Never trust a company or individual who would sell this drug to you without a prescription as it could not only put you in some legal hot water, but because of the nature of the transaction, you may not receive the pills you thought you would. They could be expired, improperly stored, or they may not be the right pill, at all. For most people, there is no way to know if they are receiving the real product or not. Therefore, it is integral that these drugs be obtained only through legal channels.

It is likely that other methods of sleep promotion will be tried before prescribing this medication, as it comes with a higher risk of side effects than most over the counter products, as well as a risk of addiction.

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