Somnapure Reviews

Somnapure Review

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Somnapure is an over the counter sleep aid supplement designed to help people who are struggling to get the rest they need. It comes in bottles of 60 tablets and is made by a company called Peak Life.

Peak Life is a supplement company based in Massachusetts. They sell a range of different wellness supplements and products. Somnapure is their regular strength sleep aid supplement, but it also comes in a Clinical Strength version for individuals who want something a little stronger. Moreover, it is also sold in a PM version which is meant for people kept awake by aches and pains.

The company also sells a number of supplements for men’s health concerns as well as for joint pain and joint support, in addition to a natural energy and antioxidant supplement. It appears that the company started a wellness blog back in 2010, but it has not been updated since that time.

Somnapure natural sleep aids tablets are designed to help people to fall asleep more quickly, improve the quality of their sleep and wake up with the sensation of being better refreshed. The description of this product on the official website talks about the fact that many people simply don’t live the lifestyles they should in order to achieve the best possible sleep.

It talks about busy schedules. It mentions long hours. Furthermore, it talks about failing to eat and exercise properly. The official site describes Somnapure as a type of tool to overcome the way these issues impact sleep.

The formula is designed based on natural ingredients. It calls itself a “ground-breaking formula”. The website breaks sleep down into three components. The first is falling asleep. The second is remaining asleep for a good quality rest. The third is waking up without grogginess.

Peak Life claims that the ingredients in this formula are not habit forming and will not cause next-day grogginess.

At the time this review was written, the Somnapure ingredients were: valerian root extract, lemon balm leaf extract, L-theanine, hops extract, chamomile flower extract, passion flower extract and melatonin.

None of the ingredients in this formula are unique to this product. In fact, they are quite commonplace within the over the counter sleep aid industry. Therefore, while the manufacturer may claim that it is ground breaking, it is actually quite typical.

That said, many people who struggle from occasional mild to moderate insomnia may benefit from the relaxing benefits this product may provide.

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