Sedamine Reviews

Sedamine review

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Sedamine is a prescription sleep aid that is also known under the generic names of a combination of the following medications: Phenobarbital, hyoscyamine sulf, atropine sulf, and scopolamine HB.

This drug is prescribed to certain individuals who are finding that they are experiencing a powerful struggle in being able to fall asleep or in staying asleep throughout the night. This insomnia can cause some health and life problems. Therefore, some doctors will prescribe Sedamine in order to help those who are struggling to sleep to be able to obtain the rest that they need.

That said, this should not be confused with a nonprescription product sold in Australia that is also to promote sleep, that is sold under the same name, and that is manufactured by a company called Medabiotics. That formula contains vitamin B6, magnesium, valerian, GABA, skullcap, chamomile, vanilla, 5-HTP, and melatonin. That formula is all natural and is designed to help someone to sleep more easily and to fall into a deeper sleep. It is meant to be taken 45 minutes before the user intends to go to bed.

This Sedamine formula is all natural and uses many ingredients that are common within the nonprescription sleep aid industry. It contains many substances that are known to be very helpful in easing stress, calming the body and mind, and establishing a good solid sleeping and waking pattern throughout the day and night.

That said, while it may appear that this list of ingredients could be an impressive one, the supplement would be difficult to recommend for a number of reasons. There are a number of red flags that raise as this product is investigated. For one thing, while it appears as though the manufacturer may once have had a website, that URL no longer works. The pills are still sold at some third party sites online. As this product has the same name as a prescription drug, it would not take many by surprised to see it discontinued or at least renamed. Reputable companies take great care to ensure that their products will not copy the name of something that is already in existence, particularly one that is the label for a prescription drug. This doesn’t say much for Medabiotics.

While the ingredients on the bottle for Sedamine’s all natural version may look impressive, there is no reason to trust it or its manufacturer. There is no way to know what it actually contains.

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