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Relaxium Sleep ReviewRelaxium Sleep is an over the counter sleep aid. The official website for this product claims that it was designed by a neurologist named Dr. Eric Ciliberti, MD, MS. Through the official website, Dr. Ciliberti shares a great deal of information about the importance of sleep. He also talks about the many problems associated with inadequate sleep.

What is not greatly discussed however, is the products themselves and what they contain. The official page dedicated to Relaxium Sleep provides a snapshot of the product label under the product name as a title. No other description or information is offered. This is unfortunate as it makes it difficult for customers to inform themselves before making a purchase.

Typically speaking, reputable companies will give their customers at least a few facts about their products. It is unfortunate that Relaxium didn’t take their effort to that level for the Relaxium Sleep product.

Under the “Our Research” tab on the website, there is a minimal amount of discussion regarding the ingredients in this formula. There, Dr. Ciliberti talks about two key ingredients he has included in his products. These are: Sensoril® (a proprietary blend of ashwagandha extract) and Valrest® (a proprietary blend of: valerian extract and hops extract).

They are both proprietary ingredients. That said, they are composed of substances that are highly commonplace in the natural and over-the-counter sleep aid industries.

Although he talks about double-blind, placebo controlled human clinical trials conducted by the company, the details of the research are not shared. The results look very promising except that the website does not talk about the method used, whether or not any of the participants in the study were paid for their responses, whether any of them had experienced prior sleep struggles or even how many people participated.

For all the consumer knows, the only people who participated in this study were the creator’s friends and family and/or employees. This may not have been the case, but no additional information is provided to the contrary. For this reason, this study would not be taken seriously by the medical community as would be the case for a study for which more details were provided or, preferably, one published in a peer reviewed industry journal.

On the research page, the doctor claims that Relaxium Sleep will balance the natural sleep cycle of the body, that it will soothe the body and that it will calm a restless mind. The rest of the long list of benefits provided on the page are linked with being able to get a good sleep and not necessarily with the use of this product.

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