Plant Therapy Sleep Aid Synergy Essential Oil Blend Reviews

Plant Therapy Sleep Aid Synergy Essential Oil Blend Review

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Plant Therapy Sleep Aid Synergy Essential Oil Blend is a nonprescription sleep aid designed to help to calm the body and mind. It is meant to help to promote relaxation ahead of bedtime. The reason is that by being more relaxed, your body is more prepared to fall into a sleep state and when you do you are more likely to enjoy a deep and quality sleep.

Instead of being sold in the form of a pill such as a capsule or a tablet, this particular product is sold as an essential oil which is inhaled in order to let the user fall asleep and stay that way. This product uses aromatherapy from a blend of essential oils in order to achieve this restful state of sleep.

In order to use Plant Therapy Sleep Aid Synergy Essential Oil Blend, a single drop of the product is added to a cotton ball or tissue. That one drop on the cotton ball or tissue is then placed near the bed’s headboard. In this way, the user can adjust the distance from his or face in case the smell is too strong. The product can also be diffused into the room throughout the night if the user prefers it that way.

At the same time, the directions for the product recommend against adding the product directly onto fabrics such as bedding or pajamas. The reason is that the concentration of Valerian Root essential oil contains a high amount of sediment that will stain any fabric.

The product is a combination of completely pure and undiluted essential oils of mandarin, ylang-ylang, valerian, lavender and neroli.

Each of those essential oils have been used for a hundreds of years for the purpose of helping to calm people and soothe them from feelings of anxiety, stress, or an overactive mind. These scents have often been used around bedtime in order to produce a calm sleeping environment and encourage a deeper and more sound sleep.

That said, it’s also important to note that this product is not necessarily going to be effective for everybody. While some people might find that aromatherapy can help them to become more relaxed so they can fall asleep and stay asleep more effectively, that may not be the case for others.

This is particularly true if the sleeplessness is not caused by restlessness but is instead due to overuse of stimulants, medication side effects, pain, allergies or another factor.

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