Perfect PM

Perfect PM ReviewPerfect PM is an over the counter sleep aid produced by UltaLife. That said, there is a bit of confusion currently circulating regarding the name and brand of this product online. It is unclear as to whether it is simply marketed under more than one name or if it is currently transitioning from an old name to a new one.

The reason for the confusion is that the official UltaLife website markets it exclusively as Perfect PM. That said, it also advertises that this product can be purchased on Amazon and it provides its own link. There, however, the product is clearly called Perfect Sleep. Moreover, though all the products on the official website feature the UltaLife brand on their package, Perfect PM (and Perfect Sleep, for that matter), feature the same logo, but with the word UltaMind printed on it, instead.

Beyond the name confusion, it is meant to be an all natural sleep aid formula that will assist people in being able to fall asleep more easily and to rest more effectively throughout the night. The official UltaLife website states that the product is not habit forming and is safe to use. In fact, it goes so far as to say that it is “GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN.” That said, at no point does it cite any research to back this statement. It provides no evidence whatsoever that any of the individual ingredients or the formula as a whole can live up to that claim or any of the others that it makes quite openly on its official site or sales pages on retail websites.

Oddly, this product also advertises that it does not leave you feeling jittery, which is not a typical side effect of sleep aids. It usually appears in products that contain stimulants, though it would be counter-intuitive to add a stimulant to a sleep aid formulation as stimulants are meant to make someone feel more awake and alert.

At the same time, it also claims that this product will not cause after effects, allowing users to wake up “completely refreshed.” This implies that the product will not cause users to feel groggy in the morning or have trouble waking up after having been asleep all night.

This product is made and manufactured in the United States, in a facility that follows GMP standards. It also claims to have been FDA inspected. This doesn’t mean that the product itself has received the FDA’s approval, but it does confirm that it was made in a facility that complies with the good manufacturing practices standards required by that federal agency.

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