Neuro Sleep Drink Reviews

Neuro Sleep Drink review

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Neuro Sleep Drink is a nonprescription sleep supplement product made by a company called Neurobrands. This product isn’t in the form of a capsule or tablet pill like many other types of sleep aid. Instead, it is a beverage that is sold in bottles. The company sells drinks for a number of other health purposes as well, such as for weight loss and even sexual energy.

In this case, the “Mellow Mango” flavored Neuro Sleep Drink is meant to help to provide users with optimal nutrition and additional ingredients that will promote quality sleep.

The product is meant to taste good and contains ingredients such as magnesium and melatonin. Those substances are commonly found in other types of supplement meant for helping people to sleep, including those in the form of pills. The complete list of ingredients on this liquid dietary supplement includes: melatonin, 5-hydroxytriptophan (5-HTP), magnesium, L-theanine, pomegranate extract, acai extract and blueberry extract.

The berry extracts are a unique addition to this formation as many sleep aid supplements do not contain those ingredients. However, the other substances are often seen in the nonprescription sleeping pill market. This is particularly true of melatonin, which is a naturally occurring hormone that is made by the human body. It is, in part, responsible for setting the waking and sleeping “clock” in the body, also known as the circadian rhythm.

Some people find that when they stick to a set waking and sleeping schedule supplemented with melatonin, they can re-train their bodies to become sleepy at a certain hour and awaken at a certain hour. It is for this reason that melatonin supplements are commonplace among people who are attempting to overcome jet lag and who need to reset that clock.

That said, these ingredients will not necessarily work for everyone and are not meant to help with all forms of insomnia. For example, sleeplessness caused by pain would not benefit from the use of this product. This is also meant to be used only over the short term for occasional bouts of sleeplessness. Anyone who is suffering from sleep struggles for more than two weeks should discontinue the use of this product and consult a doctor instead.

The reason is that there may be an underlying condition responsible for the insomnia and getting to sleep on a regular basis. While the condition may be very minor, treating it may be the key to correcting it and its symptoms such as the sleeplessness problems.

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