Modern Man PM Reviews

Modern Man PM Review

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Modern Man PM supplements are nonprescription diet pills that are a part of a growing category of products. It is meant to be a sleep aid, but at the same time it also promises to help users to overcome struggles with weight loss.

This product is made by a company called Modern Man Nutrition, which has its own website as well as a small page dedicated to this specific product. That company is focused primarily on selling bodybuilding products to men, but this specific supplement is in a category of its own on the website.

The site provides next to no information about the company itself and does not identify its own home country. From the website’s information at the time this review was written, it is impossible to know where the company is located. Moreover, the “Contact Us” provides only a web-based form and does not offer a mailing address or telephone number. Typically, reputable companies will provide customers with better contact information so they can inform themselves about a business and reach it if they should ever have questions or concerns.

A statement at the bottom of each page on the website says that the products have not been evaluated by the “food and drug administration.” They did not specify whether this was the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or even capitalize the words to suggest that they were indicating a specific national agency, which does not provide any further clues as to where the company calls home.

The domain name for the site has been registered with its ownership information hidden, which means that even that information was somewhat buried, though it was purchased on behalf of the company through a proxy organization based in Arizona. This does not necessarily mean that the company itself is based in Arizona, but it may indicate that there’s a chance it is American.

The product claims include that it will help a man to sleep more restfully, that the product promotes relaxation and stress relief, that it limits sugar absorption and food cravings and that it supports metabolic efficiency.

The ingredients within the Modern Man PM formula include: decaffeinated green tea, green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia extract, ashwagandha, L-theanine, raspberry ketone, white kidney bean extract, hoodia gordonii, cassia nomame, and melatonin.

Overall, this is a completely unproven supplement that contains ingredients associated with side effects. Many of these substances have seen a great deal of media hype despite the fact that they are not supported by medical research or, such as in the case of hoodia gordonii, there is a growing amount of research suggesting that it may not be effective for weight loss.

Due to the lack of information about the company itself and the unproven nature of the ingredients it is highly unlikely that this product would be recommended by a doctor.

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