MidNite PM Reviews

midnite pm reviews

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MidNite PM sleep pills are designed differently from other sleeping aids in that they have been formulated to allow you to take them at any time of the night to encourage a better sleep, while allowing you to awaken in the morning feeling alert and refreshed. Many sleeping tablets can help you to get the sleep you need, but the majority need a certain amount of time before they wear off. Therefore, if they are taken too close to when the alarm clock goes off, you are left feeling groggy until they have had the chance to wear off again.

The natural ingredients in MidNite PM sleep pills are designed to help to ease both pain and wakefulness. They can easily be taken in their chewable single dose tablet form, without any need for water. This makes them a very practical choice for the bedside, as one can simply be chewed up for it to work, without the need to rise and get a glass of water. Then, the user just needs to lay back and wait for a healthy sleep to begin with relief from any minor pains.

Develop by a physician, the formula for MidNite PM sleep pills include melatonin, bromelain, and a proprietary blend of lavender, lemon balm and chamomile. Many of these natural ingredients are well known and have been time tested as effective remedies for sleeplessness and mild cases of insomnia.

In order to take MidNite PM sleep pills, you simply need to chew them up at any time of the day or night that you need to get to sleep. You don’t need to drink any water, but you should chew the pill and then swallow it, without letting it dissolve in the mouth. A second tablet can be taken if additional assistance in falling asleep is required. For the first three hours after taking these tablets, it is recommended that you not operate any heavy machinery or drive. Until you know how you react to this formula, it is best to wait at least eight hours before driving or performing any task that will need focus and concentration.

MidNite PM sleep pills were designed for adult use only. If you are taking chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, or autoimmune drugs, or if you are taking a blood thinner, antiplatelet medication, or aspirin therapy, or if you have any medical conditions or are taking any other drugs, make sure to consult with your doctor or pharmacist before you take this type of pill. This will help you to make certain that you won’t inadvertently create a drug conflict.

7 comments to MidNite PM Reviews

  • d. anderson

    Midnite Pm worked for me but it gave me very vivid dreams. The dreams were not really good in nature, but they were not quite nightmares. I did sleep, but would like to find something that does not give me these weird dreams.

  • Dave

    I happened to see Midnite PM in the store when I was looking for a sleep aid. I was happy to see a natural remedy instead of the pharmaceutical type.

    I took Midnite PM without any expectations though found that I had a great nights’ sleep and woke up refreshed. Did have some dreams though it was not bothersome at all. I find that I have more energy through the day. I was so happy with Mdinite PM that I told my friend about it at which she tried it. She had the same results as I had though in addition she has nightly leg cramps and with the Midnite PM she slept through the nite without any leg cramps. Great product.

    Thank you,


  • Holly

    I used these to try and get away from using medicated sleep pills! They worked well to help me sleep but I was still very foggy in am! That’s what I’m trying to get away from!

  • Cheryl

    I used to take Excedren PM for years…. loved it. However, when I found the MidNite PM I was totally amazed. With all the other OTC sleeping aids I was always very tired and sleepy the next day. Not with the MidNite PM. WOW !! I was wide awake, alert and full of energy all day… 4AM till 11:30 PM. LOVE MIDNITE PM !!!

  • Bill

    Where can these be purchased

  • tracy

    I loved taking these.They really worked for me and I woke feeling refreshed and had so much more energy during the day.I forgot how much they worked for me.I found tat I had only one pill left and used it and felt great! I need to get to Walmart to get more!

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