Member’s Mark Maximum Strength Nighttime Sleep Aid Reviews

Member's Mark Maximum Strength Nighttime Sleep Aid Review

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Member’s Mark Maximum Strength Nighttime Sleep Aid is an over the counter product meant to assist people who are struggling with the occasional bout of insomnia. This product does not require a prescription and is meant to be a solution for short term sleep issues. People who struggle with chronic sleeplessness should speak with their doctors as opposed to trying a product like this one, particularly if it continues for more than two weeks.

This nighttime sleep aid is marketed as being non-habit forming and is designed to help people to fall asleep quickly while waking up feeling refreshed as opposed to groggy. The marketing description for Member’s Mark Maximum Strength Nighttime Sleep Aid claims that, unlike prescription sleep aids, it won’t leave users with a hangover feeling the next day.

Prescription diet pills are notorious for being difficult to shake on the morning after they are used. This can make it challenging for users to wake up from their sleep and start their day on time.

However, Member’s Mark Maximum Strength Nighttime Sleep Aid claims not to be associated with that problem.

The active ingredient in this product is diphenhydramine HCl. Every dose contains 50 milligrams of that substance. That ingredient is actually an antihistamine that frequently causes drowsiness as a side effect. Therefore, many companies also sell it as a form of sleep aid. The pills are sold in the form of soft gels. Every bottle contains 96 soft gels.

There is nothing at all unique about this particular product in terms of what it contains. There are dozens upon dozens of other brands that also sell soft gels, tablets and capsules which contain that ingredient.

Despite the fact that this product is advertised as being able to help people sleep without making them feel drowsy the next morning, one of the most common side effects associated with products that contain diphenhydramine HCl as a main ingredient is morning grogginess. While products made in the form of tablets will generally recommend that users cut the pill in half if they experience morning drowsiness, as a lower dose will usually help them to avoid that symptom, this is not the case with Member’s Mark Maximum Strength Nighttime Sleep Aid. The reason is that you can’t cut a soft gel in half.

Users should be careful when using this product and avoid driving the next morning for the first few uses until they can be sure they understand the way their bodies react to this medication.

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