Lunesta Reviews

Lunesta Reviews

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Improves Sleep
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Lunesta is the brand name of the hypnotic drug eszopiclone, which is also known as a sedative because it is most frequently prescribed for use to help people sleep. It works in the brain to rebalance certain chemicals so that the symptoms of insomnia – trouble getting to sleep or problems staying asleep – will be effectively treated. It also functions as a muscle relaxant, which can make it much easier to achieve and maintain sleep.

This drug is highly effective for most people, so it is important to follow the directions of use very carefully. Primary among the instructions which must be recognized by the user is that this drug will affect you for about eight hours. For that reason, you need to make certain that you will be able to dedicate a minimum of eight solid hours to sleeping before you take Lunesta. It also means that during that time, if you are not sleeping, you may not remember any activities in which you take part, and you may not be able to think clearly or effectively.

Therefore, when you have taken Lunesta, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery, and you should be careful what activities you choose. Many users of this drug have had phone call conversations that they don’t remember, so it is even important that you take care with whom you contact, as you may not be speaking clearly or logically. Similarly, it is not recommended that you eat when you have taken this medication because you may not make appropriate decisions regarding what you consume.

All of these reactions are because Lunesta will effectively put you to sleep. You must take care never to take the drug when you will need to be awake at any point in the following eight hours. That said, the effects of this medication are stronger among some people than they are with others. The elderly and people with certain medical conditions will feel the effects more powerfully and will frequently be prescribed a lower dose. Moreover, it is not uncommon for accidental falls to occur among elderly patients who use this type of medication, so it must be taken with extreme care.

Lastly, the use of this drug can be habit forming when it is improperly taken. In order to avoid unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal, the doctor’s instructions should be followed very closely. This means that the pills should not be taken for any longer than advised, and the use should be discontinued in the pattern recommended by the physician.

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