Ledoo Anti-Snoring Tongue Retainer and Sleep Aid Reviews

Ledoo Anti-Snoring Tongue Retainer and Sleep Aid Review

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The Ledoo Anti-Snoring Tongue Retainer and Sleep Aid is a type of device meant to be worn at night to help naturally relieve struggles with sleep for both the wearer and anyone who shares a room with someone who snores.

According to the official description for this product, it is a soft, comfortable and drug free way to get the sleep a person needs. Moreover, because it helps to relieve snoring as well, it makes it easier for someone in the same room to be able to sleep, too.

It works as a type of tongue stabilizer. The silicone device creates a gentle amount of suction to keep the tip of the tongue in the device so that the tongue won’t relax back into the throat. This helps to keep the airway clear so that the wearer will not be able to snore.

This product is made with soft, medical grade silicone. The description claims that the material has FDA certification as being safe. Moreover, it points out that the product is nontoxic and is BPA free. As this silicone is quite soft, it is supposed to comfortably fit in the mouth so that it won’t keep the wearer awake at night.

The product can be used as is. Unlike many other mouth-worn devices, it does not need to be molded or trimmed. It is a one-size fits all anti-snore tongue retainer.

When purchased on certain websites, it comes with a “100% life time, no questions asked, guarantee.” That said, no additional information is provided on any of the websites regarding what is guaranteed and how a user could be compensated if they are not happy with the product.

Although most of the reviews for Ledoo Anti-Snoring Tongue Retainer and Sleep Aid are positive for this product, one of the reviewers pointed out that he had looked into some of the other customers who had left reviews on this product and many had left reviews on all the same other products as well. This suggests that either the accounts are artificial or the individuals who own the accounts have been compensated for their false reviews. That one reviewer who made the point about the fake ratings on the page for this product said that it wasn’t a bad device but it made him drool a lot while he wore it. Moreover, he was not entirely satisfied with it and was on the market for a better quality product. He also stated that there was tongue soreness for the first few nights.

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