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Genius Sleep Aid ReviewsGenius Sleep Aid is a nonprescription sleep aid that promises to work by “biohacking your sleep to improve life.” It is marketed as something very new and different in the industry. It also provides a long list of possible benefits to your life as a result of being well rested from quality sleep. That said, it does not guarantee that everyone using the product will experience those benefits, only that they occur among people who sleep well.

Those benefits include better problem solving skills improved memory, more energy, enhanced focus and learning, improved mood, decreased systemic inflammation levels, boosted athletic performance, healthier immune function and that you will simply find it easier to stick to a diet.

According to the official Supplement Smarter website, the Genius Sleep Aid will help users to fall asleep more quickly, get a better quality of sleep and wake the next day feeling restored. The ingredients within this product are naturally sourced. The official website calls them “proven” though it doesn’t say what they are proven to do nor does it cite any studies to show this proof.

The company behind Genius Sleep aid claims that it works by easing anxiety in adults, improving sleep quality and supporting adrenal health. It also states that using this product will help to restore cognitive function and that users will wake up feeling renewed and refreshed.

This product is not habit forming and uses less than 1 milligram of melatonin. The purpose of that ingredient is to help to restore the body’s natural circadian rhythms (sleep cycle) without causing unwanted symptoms from too much melatonin. Instead of relying exclusively on melatonin, this product also contains herbs and amino acids for the rest of its benefits.

Genius Sleep Aid is drug-free product made to help a user to relax enough to fall asleep. That said, it also has claims around adrenal support through the use of rutaecarpine, which is meant to reduce the caffeine levels in the body. This may help to decrease the stimulating effect from caffeine still left in the system from the day’s consumption of foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, some sodas and even chocolate.

At the time this review was written, the Genius Sleep Aid ingredients included: L-Glycene, L-Theanine (TheaKalm®), Rutaecarpine, Inositol and Melatonin.

This sleep aid is meant for people who struggle to sleep due to tension, stress and anxiety. It is not meant to be used by people suffering from chronic insomnia or whose sleeplessness is caused by other issues such as pain or prescription drug side effects.

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