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FNX Relax Sleep Aid ReviewFNX Relax Sleep Aid is an over the counter sleep support supplement from the FNX brand. These pills are meant to make it easier to fall asleep. They’re also developed to promote a more restful sleep throughout the night.

The official webpage for the product on the manufacturer’s website describes the importance of sleep. It lists many reasons that people often require more sleep than they’re getting. These reasons include everything from a longer lifespan to a better mood and better weight control, among others. That said, the site also discusses its top ingredients to help customers to better understand the formula and what they should expect from its use.

At the time this review was written, the FNX Relax Sleep Aid ingredients included several proprietary blends. They are as follows:

  • The Sleep Sound Blend: magnesium aspartate, valerian root extract, hops extract, calcium citrate, L-theanine, niacinamide, melatonin.
  • The Rapid Recovery Polyphenol Blend: ashwagandha extract, Saberry (Amla extract).
  • Resveratrol (pure trans-resveratrol form polygonum cuspidatum)
  • Max Bioavailability Blend: a trace mineral blend and black pepper extract
  • Niacin, calcium, and magnesium.

Many of the ingredients in this formula are very commonplace in the over the counter sleep aid industry. It includes ingredients that provide a range of different benefits in order to help to promote sleep from several different angles.

For instance, the melatonin in this formula is a hormone naturally found within the body. It is produced by the brain as a part of the circadian rhythms – the waking and sleeping cycle in the body. Some research indicates that melatonin levels are low among people who struggle to sleep. Therefore, it is commonly believed that replacing melatonin through supplementation can help to rebuild the natural waking and sleeping cycles.

Magnesium is another popular ingredient used for several purposes including sleep promotion. Magnesium is critical to dozens of activities in the body, including activating certain neurotransmitters that are critical to being able to calm the body and mind. While this doesn’t have a sedative effect, if an overactive mind, anxiety or stress are among the reasons you are being kept awake, adequate magnesium may be able to help ease those barriers to your rest.

Other ingredients such as valerian root extract and hops extract are often used to help to ease the body and mind as well. They promote a feeling of relaxation, which can make the mind and body more restful and ready for sleep.

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