Easy Nights Sleep Reviews

Easy Nights Sleep Review

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Easy Nights Sleep is an over the counter product meant to help people to get a better rest at night when they have suffered from restlessness or insomnia.

This product is made by a company called Simply Natures Pure LLC. At the time this review was written, an official website for that company could not be located by way of Google searching. This product is sold on Amazon as well as a number of other online marketplaces. That said, there are a number of consumer protection sites that have accused this company of posting fake customer reviews in order to make it look as though shoppers have tried it and liked it.

Without an official website for the product or the company behind it, the information describing it was gleaned from the Easy Nights Sleep package as well as the product description on the sites that sell it.

The site claims that 10 percent of all Americans struggle from chronic insomnia and that many more struggle to fall asleep on a regular basis. Easy Nights Sleep is designed to be an all natural formula that will provide a relaxing and soothing effect that can support a better night of sleep.

According to the product package, the ingredients that make up the formula include: magnesium, GABA, valerian root, chamomile extract and melatonin. The claim is that these ingredients will assist people who struggle from stress, restless legs or who are “working the 3rd shift” to get a better night’s sleep.

This product is made in the United States and the product description underscores the fact that its laboratory is FDA approved based on strict GMP standards. That said, just because the FDA has approved the manufacturing facility where the product is made, it doesn’t mean that the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has looked at – let alone approved of – the formula. GMP has to do with the good manufacturing processes for producing this type of product.

Therefore, the factory may adhere to certain types of cleanliness and accuracy standards, but at no point has the FDA approved of the formula or any of the individual ingredients for this product. It is important to make that clear as the designation can be used in a way that is misleading to consumers.

That said, all the ingredients in this formula are very commonplace in the nonprescription sleep aid industry and many people firmly believe that they are able to get a better sleep at night as a result of these substances. Further research is required to prove that they will work, but they are often believed to help people who occasionally struggle with sleep due to precisely the reasons described in the product description.

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