Dream Caps Reviews

Dream Caps Review

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Dream Caps are a natural sleep aid product sold on Amazon and that are made by a company called Vitamin Bounty. While Vitamin Bounty makes several different supplements and it does list many of them on its official website, it does not advertise this particular product on that site. Therefore, all the information about this particular supplement was gleaned from third party sources, including sales pages and descriptions.

The official description for Dream Caps promises that it will help people to be able to get a better sleep without being habit forming. The sales description says that using these pills will help someone to be able to fall asleep more quickly than they would on their own. It also claims that the user will be able to enjoy a longer sleep.

This is meant to be possible by helping to calm the mind and body of the user and to support a healthier natural circadian rhythm (sleeping and waking clock). It states that when the circadian rhythm is in better shape, a person is less likely to be restless in his or her sleep and will therefore sleep more restfully and solidly.

Equally, it also claims that users can expect to wake up the next morning feeling refreshed. This product is not meant to cause people to feel groggy when they wake up and should not leave users feeling confused.

This product is made in the United States and is composed of ingredients commonly found in many natural supplements such as valerian, lemon balm and German chamomile.

Unfortunately, those are the only ingredients identified in the product description and neither the image of the product label nor the sales pages provide a full list of ingredients in the Dream Caps formula. This makes it very difficult for consumers to be able to look into whether or not this product is right for them. After all, without knowing all the ingredients in the formula, he or she cannot identify any known allergens or substances that could potentially conflict with other supplements or medications that are being taken at the time.

The fact that the product is not listed on the official website – despite the fact that it is clearly a part of the Vitamin Bounty brand and is still being manufactured and sold – and the fact that the sales pages on online marketplaces and retailers provides large claims but very limited usable information does not reflect well on this product. Consult with a doctor before using this product as it may not be safe or appropriate for everyone.

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