Dormin Nighttime Sleep-Aid Capsule Reviews

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Dormin Nighttime Sleep-Aid Capsule ReviewDormin Nighttime Sleep-Aid Capsule is a non-prescription sleep promoting product that has been available for purchase since 1950. This product is designed to help users to fall asleep more easily when they normally struggle to do so. In this way, users can get more rest and function better the next day.

According to the product’s official website, Dormin Nighttime Sleep-Aid Capsule is not habit forming, and is an ingredient commonly recommended by doctors. That said, it did not support this claim with any cited studies or recommendations by specific doctors.

The active ingredient within Dormin Nighttime Sleep-Aid Capsule is diphenhydramine. That substance is a non-prescription antihistamine medication. It works by blocking the histamine chemical. While this can function to reduce certain allergy symptoms, it is also known to produce a feeling of drowsiness. It is that feeling that can help to make it easier for users to fall asleep.

Dormin Nighttime Sleep-Aid Capsule is not meant to be used over the long-term. Instead, it’s intended for occasional use when users are struggling to sleep. According to the website, any products containing antihistamines should not be used for more than two or three successive days. For cases in which sleeplessness persists beyond that length of time, it is highly recommended that patients contact their doctors. The reason is that chronic sleeplessness could be a symptom of an underlying condition which must be treated in order to remedy the insomnia.

The Dormin Nighttime Sleep-Aid Capsules are designed to be easy to swallow and for rapid absorption within the body in order to produce faster effects. The official website claims that 98 percent of the capsule is completely dissolved in under 10 minutes from being taken.

The product’s manufacturer claims that this pill is proven in clinical studies to be safe and effective. It also claims that no harmful side effects are linked with its active ingredient.

It is important to point out that while not identified on the website, many people who use products based on diphenhydramine for sleep find that they wake up feeling groggy. This “hangover” feeling can hang around for a few minutes to the first few hours of the morning. It is important not to have to drive, operate heavy machinery or do anything else that requires alertness first thing in the morning until you know exactly how this product affects you on the day after using it.

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