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Dodow Review

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Dodow is a natural sleep aid designed to help people to get the rest they require without having to take supplements or teas. Instead, it uses a device designed to help a user to naturally build a healthy sleep hygiene.

The device works as a light system based on a metronome. It doesn’t involve taking medication and it doesn’t use any complex techniques.

To use the Dodow device, the user simply needs to tap its surface, which is touch sensitive. It needs to be tapped once to use the 8 minute mode, or twice to turn on the 20 minute mode. Regardless of which mode is selected, the device will shut itself off once it’s complete.

According to the official website for the product, an individual who typically requires an hour to be able to fall asleep requires no more than 25 minutes when using the Dodow. As a result, the website states that a user will be able to obtain about 100 additional hours of sleep every year. It also states that there are already more than 60,000 people falling asleep using this device. Of those people, some are people who struggle to get to sleep – from aged 6 years and over – including from stress, restlessness, troubled thoughts, chronic insomnia and more.

The Dodow claims to be able to provide people with a kind of training to be able to fall asleep more effectively and naturally. The figures on the site are based on an email and telephone survey of 300 users of the device.

The Dodow programs involve watching a soft blue light projected onto the ceiling above the person trying to get to sleep. The individual is encouraged to keep his or her eyes open and watch the light as it pulses on the ceiling. As the light pulses, the user is supposed to synchronize his or her breathing with that light. When it glows, the user should breathe in. As the light goes out, so should the individual’s breath. The blue light is very soft, at a less than 1 lux brightness level, and encourages the body to relax without having a negative impact on melatonin production.

The breathing rhythm of the Dodow reduces the individual’s respiration rate from an average of 11 breaths per minute to 6 breaths per minute. Achieving this very slow breathing rate also slows the heart rate and then the metabolism, encouraging restfulness and calm.

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