Non-Prescription Sleep Aids

When you need a little bit of help falling or remaining asleep, you will want to have a look at your options before you decide the best treatment for you. Though the internet can be an important resource for learning about some specific types of remedies, when it comes to the optimal choices for you, contact your doctor and a pharmacist to go over non prescription sleep aids for the treatments that will be helpful to you and your unique health needs.

Many people prefer to avoid the strongest drugs for combating insomnia as they have a high risk of dependency and side effects. Therefore, they opt to use non prescription sleep aids for effective help with their sleeping, without all of the baggage that comes with the drugs that doctors have to prescribe.

There are many over the counter sleeping pills that are a perfect choice for someone who simply needs a bit of occasional help getting the rest they need. Though it is still recommended that you speak with your doctor, there is no reason that you cannot try a non prescription sleep aid instead of diving into the “hard stuff” first. Discuss your choice with your physician as well as the pharmacist, as they will understand the medication and will be able to properly advise you regarding its dosage.

Keep in mind that many of the non prescription sleep aids also contain other ingredients such as pain relievers and antihistamines. This is to help people who struggle with insomnia as a result of bodily discomforts that can be treated with those chemicals. That said, it is easy to mistakenly choose a medicine that contains an ingredient that they don’t need. Avoid this common error by simply asking an expert before making your purchase.

It is also important to note that just because the medication is over the counter, it doesn’t mean that it won’t cause any side effects at all. Even natural or herbal remedies have some risk of side effects or conflicts with other medications or medical conditions. Make sure that you understand the product that you purchase and know that it will not put your health at risk.

Take these pills by carefully following the directions on the package. If you have any questions about the way that they should be administered, contact the pharmacist or your doctor. Never take them without knowing that you will be able to dedicate at least 8 hours to sleeping, and be careful driving in the morning until you understand how the medication affects you.


Non-Prescription Sleep Aids Reviews



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