Active Laboratories Deep Sleep Reviews

Active Laboratories Deep Sleep Review

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Active Laboratories Deep Sleep is an over the counter sleep aid product made from all natural ingredients. At the time this review was written, an official website for the Active Laboratories brand could not be located after conducting search engine and social media queries. There also doesn’t appear to be an official page for the product itself.

Therefore, all the information for this review was gleaned from third party sources, primarily those selling the product.

The sales description and marketing for this product describes it as a time released sleep aid. In this way, it is meant to not only help users to fall asleep, but also remain sleeping throughout the night as the ingredients are gradually released into the bloodstream.

The formula itself is based primarily on melatonin and valerian root, according to the marketing description. In fact, those two ingredients are discussed several times within the description, likely because they are hot within this industry at the moment. That said, this product actually contains a very long list of substances to make up the complete formula.

At the time this review was written, the product label listed the Active Laboratories Deep Sleep ingredients as: L-Theanine, Chamomile Extract (herb), Valerian Extract (root), L-Tryptophan, GABA, Hops Extract (flower), Lemon Balm Extract (herb), Passion Flower Extract (herb), Triphala Extract (40% Tannins) Consists of: Phyllanthus emblica (fruit), terminalia bellerica (fruit) terminalia chebula (fruit), Artichoke Extract (cynara scolymus)(leaf), and Melatonin.

It is clear that there are far more ingredients in this sleep aid supplement than are bragged about in the marketing. While none of the ingredients in this formula are all that unique, what is notable is how long the list happens to be. Each one of those substances can be found in many other sleep aid supplements available in the nonprescription market today. However, this list makes one wonder if there is enough of each of those substances to produce an effect that will make a difference to a user’s sleep.

Every bottle of Active Laboratories Deep Sleep contains 60 pills. To take this product according to the directions printed on the package, a user is supposed to take two capsules. This means that there are thirty doses of this product within the bottle. These vegan capsules are meant to be swallowed 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime, along with an 8 ounce glass of water. It is advertised as being non-habit forming and users should not feel groggy the next morning as a result of these ingredients.

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