6 Hour Sleep Reviews

6 Hour Sleep Review

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6 Hour Sleep is an over the counter sleep aid product that is meant to help people to be able to rest more effectively at night. Instead of being sold in the form of a pill like a tablet, caplet or capsule, this supplement is a liquid.

The marketing for this product claims that it is made of “12 essential sleep promoting” substances, which include vitamins and minerals. At the time this review was written, those ingredients were listed on the package as being: GABA, 5-HTP, chamomile balm extract, lemon balm extract, mangosteen fruit rind extract, melatonin, passion flower, valerian root, ashwagandha root extract, and acai extract. Oddly, that makes only 10 active ingredients. It is unclear as to whether the marketing for this product is simply inaccurate and always has been or if the product used to have two additional ingredients that have since been removed. Either way, the label and the marketing don’t seem to align quite accurately.

The official description of this product claims that taking 6 Hour Sleep will not only help a user to sleep but will also help them to feel bright and energized when they wake up the next day. This means that the common side effect associated with sleep pills and supplements – morning grogginess – is not associated with this product, according to its manufacturer’s claims.

The 6 Hour Sleep product is drug-free and focuses on both the quality and the quantity of sleep. The description claims that some of the ingredients from the product that promote those two qualities include magnesium and vitamin E. That said, those ingredients are not listed as a part of the Sleep Synergy Blend, which is the name of the product’s proprietary formula. Either those two ingredients are the ones that were taken out and explain why the number of ingredients doesn’t align with the marketing claim, or it could be that those substances are a part of the listed ingredients, though it is not clear which ones.

To use this product according to the package directions, a user will need to drink a full bottle of 6 Hour Sleep about 15 to 30 minutes before bedtime. The legal disclaimer for this product recommends that it not be used over the long term. Moreover, it should not be combined with the use of alcohol or other medications. It is unclear as to whether this is a known conflict or just a precaution.

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